Ratchet and clank

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Get acquainted with the universe’s last Lombax, Ratchet. After crash landing on Veldin as an infant, he was taken in by Grimroth and began work as a local ship mechanic. Ratchet has a big heart and always dreamed he was destined for greater things in the galaxy.  His world gets turned upside down the day his soon-to-be best buddy, Clank, careens into his life and leads him on a journey that will span the galaxy.

Rarely seen without a gadget in hand, Ratchet is the kind of Lombax that likes to shoot first and ask questions later…  and then maybe shoot some more after that. What he lacks in stature he more than makes up for in technological wizardry, overcoming enemies and obstacles with a range of sweet signature tech and madcap weaponry.



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