Little nightmares


Puzzle, platform, and tip-toe

Dive into the dark imagination of LBP Vita developer Tarsier Studios as you guide a lone youngster through a surreal and submerged dollhouse of horrors, moving from room to room and negotiating the terrors that lurk within.

An eerie and vivid realization of our worst childhood fears, Little Nightmares places the fate of Six – alone, barefoot girl – in your hands as she struggles to escape The Maw.

A warped, disturbing re-imagining of a typical doll’s house, The Maw is both a playground and a prison, filled with quirky puzzles, unusual characters and truly nightmarish analogs of our most base fears.

Sneak, leap and puzzle your way through each level of this submerged vessel – from the dark depths of ‘The Hull’ all the way to the safety of ‘The Above’ – mastering Six’s movements as you go to overcome even greater challenges as the surface approaches.



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