How It Works:


To start with us you will have to pay security deposit = Rs. 2000 only

For Rs. 599 membership you get 2 games for 30 days(1 at a time). valid for 30 days only.

Security deposit is refundable after one month after deducting monthly membership fee (599).

If you wish to continue after one month you can do so by just paying for the membership again (Rs. 599 only) as your security deposit is already with us.

Order is placed at or WhatsApp us at 9990953853.

Order is shipped next day and information about courier tracking is shared on email/whatsapp.

You receive the game in 1-2 days.

You finish playing the game and courier it back to us.

We ship you another game same day & the process repeats.

Your security deposit is refunded if you don’t want to continue next month.

Get In Touch

Whatsapp : 9990953853
Email us at: